Process is Everything Podcast

Episode 1 - Pool Brothers

Blake and Tracy welcome business owners David and Keith Pool from Albany, GA.  They discuss their roots, routines, work ethic and what it means to be leaders at home and at work - and how process is the framework to get it all done!

Episode 2 - Marvin Laster

Blake and Tracy welcome businessman and long-time friend Marvin Laster to the show.  Marvin explains how oftentimes opportunities in business and life come through exposure to new things...and how he has dedicated much of his life to helping others find new horizons for themselves.

Episode 3 - Milan Patel

In this episode, Blake and Tracy sit down with one of the coolest guys around, Milan Patel. An entrepreneur, innovator, problem solver, and developer, Milan shares how he creatively approaches every business endeavor and works to make his part of the world a better place.

Episode 4 - John Moorhead

The very first doctor of Jurisprudence to join us on the show this week! John Moorhead talks about home life, work-life, and the life of the everyday artist and how having a process in place for everything is one of the best ways to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Episode 5 - Nate Dallas

Blake and Tracy sit down with a man of many trades, Nate Dallas! He is an author, inventor, dentist, entrepreneur, and family man. Nate speaks about his book, You're Too Good To Feel This Bad, and how you need processes in every part of your life whether its your diet, your work, or your home life. There is not much this man can't do so you're going to want to listen to what he has to say!

Episode 6 - Bo Henry

BO KNOWS the business and fun of music, food, hunting, fishing, and farming some of South Georgia’s finest land.  If he’s working with some of the biggest names in Nashville or walking around talking with his customers at his restaurants - one thing's for sure - folks like spending time with this guy.  Today, the boys sit down with one of our all-time favorites, Mr. Bo Henry.

Episode 7 - Steven Carter

In this episode, the fellas talk with Albany Georgia City Manager, Mr. Steven Carter.  From his early days in the United States Airforce - to working in public service all over the world, Steven shares his insights on leadership and how good processes are the key to success at every level!

Episode 8 - Barbara Rivera Holmes

Barbara Rivera Holmes stopped by the studio this week to talk strategy, business and process with the boys. Albany, Georgia Chamber CEO and University System of Georgia Regent, Barbara is sought after all over the country for her insights on how routines and processes can give any organization the freedom to excel.

Episode 9 - Alex Willson

Innovation comes from great ideas. Great ideas can come from any level of an organization. Acting on those ideas - is a process. In this episode of Process Is Everything, the boys talk with Alex Willson, COO of Sunnyland Farms, to see how he encourages innovation through company culture.

Episode 10 - Ashley Goss

Welcome to Season 2 of Process Is Everything! In this episode, Ashley Goss talks with Blake and Tracy about her family business and pride of the south, Striplings General Store. Being in business for over 50 years brings on a lot of different processes, which they pride themselves in! A lot has changed over the years except one thing, how the sausage is made - Ashley gives us a glimpse on that process and explains just why Stripling's sausage is still so good after all these years.

Episode 11 - The Kendrick Brothers

Blake and Tracy sit down with business owners and filmmakers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick. They discuss how their process always begins with and continues throughout with prayer, sometimes dying to their ideas and honoring the people who work alongside them!